Our Mission

Our aim is to advance the development and evidence-based use of novel therapeutics for children globally. Based at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital, the Pediatric Therapeutics and Regulatory Science Initiative provides a forum for collaboration with academia, patients, policymakers, and industry.

Participants in clinical trials deserve to be assured that their contribution will benefit our scientific knowledge and future patients.
— Dr. Florence Bourgeois, Initiative Director

Recent research

The Initiative's research has been published in JAMA, JAMA Pediatrics, Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, PLOS Medicine, and Pediatrics, among others. For more information on our current and past work, see Our Research.

One current project includes →

High rates of opioid use among adolescents

Adolescents are at high risk for misuse of opioid medications after exposure from medical treatment. Using data from a national dataset over a 10-year period, we found that despite a number of national initiatives aimed at reducing opioid prescribing rates, physicians continue to prescribe opioids at high rates to adolescents receiving care in emergency departments and other ambulatory care settings. For certain common conditions, such as dental disorders or clavicle fractures, rates of opioid prescribing still exceed 40%.

Where our work has appeared